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Hazlo Newsletter 8.1

Hazlo Newsletter 8.1

Hi Friends,

Welcome to the new and improved Hazlo Newsletter! 

Over the past few months, I found myself struggling to write these emails for the first time in the 3 years since I started sending them.  Instead of continuing to fight that sensation, I figured it was a sign to switch things up a bit.

Below is the first iteration of this new form of newsletter where I'll share the most exciting thing happening with Hazlo and a few other tidbits you might find interesting. 

This is a work in progress so please don't hesitate to let me know what you like, what you hate, and any other feedback you think will make it even more valuable!

The Highlights

  • Hazlo Update: Spritz Launch date is 9/1/23
  • Health Tip: Drink more water
  • Podcast: How to create your own virality
  • Quote: "It's not easy, but it's simple."
  • Journal Prompt: What does your ideal day look like?

Hazlo Update: Hazlo Spritz is coming!

  • The launch date of the Hazlo Spritz has been finalized and it will officially be available to purchase on September 1, 2023! We will be doing two launch parties in my hometown of Chicago, one in the suburbs and one in the city. The events are free to attend so reserve your spot through the links below and I can't wait to celebrate with you all!
  • 7-9 pm on August 30, 2023, @ 28 Mile Distilling in Highwood, Illinois (link)
  • 7-11 pm on August 31, 2023, @ The Royal Palms in Wicker Park (link)
Hazlo Health Tip: Drink more water, especially in the summer.
  • I, like all of you, know that I should drink more water but every time I read an article about the benefits of actually doing it, it continues to blow my mind how many chronic health issues are mitigated simply by being properly hydrated.
  • According to the Harvard Health Review, water helps regulate your internal body temperature so you can naturally stay cooler on these hot summer days.  It also helps to reduce inflammation, regulate your blood pressure, and aid with digestion. 
  • If you're someone who struggles to drink enough water but is looking for ways to improve your hydration, check out my friends at Buoy who make amazing flavorless hydration drops!
Podcast Episode:  Reddit Founder, Alexis Ohanian, on The Tim Ferriss Podcast (link)
  • They cover a wide variety of topics from their favorite books to how to identify the next big company to invest in. My favorite part of the episode was when they talked about the early days of Tim building his blog. Instead of trying perfect the website and optimize for conversion from day one, his focus was on creating valuable content that people would want to share. Great content is your best asset and is better than any SEO strategy or call to action on your website. 
Quote to Get You Moving:
  • "It's not easy, but it's simple." - Eric Thomas, Author of You Owe You
  • The answer to the question that keeps you up at night is often staring you in the face.  Stop trying to find shortcuts and start doing the work.   
Question & Journal Prompt: What does your ideal day look like?
  • I am a crazy person when it comes to routines and scheduling my days. One look at my Google calendar is known to trigger anxiety due to the fact that every minute of my day is scheduled on my calendar from when I wake up until I go to sleep. The reason I do this is not because I'm a robot but because I've found that putting things into my calendar and allocating time to it makes it exponentially more likely that I actually do what I set out to do that day. This includes non-work things like going for a walk or calling my grandparents.  This has been a years-long process to develop but it started with asking myself the question of what my ideal day looked like.  Below is a step by step process to help you get started down the path if you're interested!
  1. Write out a list of all of the things you love to do. 
  2. How many of those things do you currently do on a daily basis? Would you be happier if you did 1-3 of them more consistently? 
  3. Spend some time reflecting on what it would look like to structure your day to incorporate more of the things you love to do before your focus shifts to everything you have to do.
  4. Write out your ideal day from start to finish.
  5. See if you can implement at least part of it tomorrow!

This was a blast for me to put together so I hope you found this interesting and a nice shake-up from everything else in your inbox. 

Have a spectacular rest of your week and, again, please let me know your thoughts on this new format!


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