The story begins when our founder, Sam, was working in the corporate world. He was experiencing "success" by all external measures but continuously felt unfulfilled. Around this time, he had an idea for a better-for-you beverage that grabbed a hold of him unlike anything had before.

The drink was one that was packed with nutrients, made you feel better, AND tasted amazing without all the added sugar. This remained just an idea until he stumbled across the word "hazlo" with the definition attached reading, "do it". That was the final sign he needed to leave his job in the corporate world and set out make this better-for-you beverage a reality.

The path to creating our drinks has been anything but straightforward, but can all be traced back to that single decision to "do it". We call ourselves a drink for dreamers and doers because that's what allowed us to come into being. We are here to fuel your creative pursuits and help you discover your reason to do it too!

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