Enjoy Hazlo Your Way

Healthy Options

Our Favorite No and Low ABV Options!

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Haz-no alcohol:

Hazlo, topochico, and a fresh squeezed lime

Hot Hazloddy:

Hot Hazlo (heated on stove), bourbon, and touch of honey if you’re feeling sweet

Hazlo Mimosa:

Hazlo and champagne

Hazlo + Sake:

Equal parts Hazlo and Sake, feel free to dress it up by adding your favorite fruit or juice!

Quick Fixes

Don’t overthink it! Hazlo was created to taste delicious without a bunch of added ingredients.

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Hazlo Classic:

2 parts Hazlo, 1 part blanco tequila

Hazlo Ranch Water:

Equal parts Hazlo, blanco tequila, and topo chico

Feeling Fancy?

Try one of these specialty cocktails created by our friends in the craft cocktail industry!

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Earth, Wind, Fire, Watermelon:

2oz Casamigos blanco 

2oz watermelon mix 

1oz Hazlo 

.5oz spicy simple 

1 dash firewater bitters 

Combine ingredients in a shaker, strain into a rocks glass with a tajin rim, top with ice, garnish with a half lime wheel 

Lemon Basil Marg:

2oz Casamigos Reposado Tequila 

1 oz Lemon 

.5 oz Combier 

.5 oz Hazlo  

.5 oz Simple Syrup 

Muddled Basil

Combine all liquids in shaker, add fresh basil and muddle. Add ice to shaker, shake. Strain into rocks glass with lightly salted rim. Top with ice and soda water. Garnish with a lemon wedge.

Matcha-Do About Nothing:

2oz Casamigos blanco

1.5oz strawberry syrup

1oz Hazlo

1oz matcha

Combine ingredients in a shaker, strain into a highball glass, top with ice,  garnish with a large mint sprig

Total B.S.:

2oz Casamigos Reposado

1oz blackberry sage syrup

1oz Hazlo

.75oz lime

Top w/ Topo Chico

Combine ingredients in a shaker w/ a few sage leaves, muddle sage then add ice and shake, strain into a collins glass, top with ice, top w/ topo chico  garnish with a large sage sprig

Have Something Else in Mind?

We're always looking for inspiration from our community. Post your favorite Hazlo-inspired recipe on Instagram or TikTok and tag @drinkhazlo for a discount on your next order!

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