Your Questions Answered

What is Hazlo?

Hazlo is a brand that specializes in making healthy and delicious products that enhance your life.

What does Hazlo mean?

Hazlo [ahz-low] is a Spanish word that means "do it". We believe that the best experiences in life are spent outside of your comfort zone and often involve good tequila. Hazlo is a command, an action, and an encouragement to get out there and take on your next adventure.

How should I enjoy Hazlo?

We believe that every individual has their own preferences and should embrace those. We don't want to tell you how to enjoy your favorite drinks but feel free to check out our recipes page for inspiration!

Is Hazlo shelf stable?

Our Lime & Mint Elixir is an all-natural steeped beverage. If sealed, it will last for about 3 months on the shelf and 6-9 months in the refrigerator. We recommend refrigerating after opening and consuming it within 2 weeks!

Is there alcohol in Hazlo?

Our Lime & Mint elixir contains no alcohol. It's designed to also be enjoyed on it's own at any time of day and also has been known for being a favorite among kids. My niece, Natatlie, is our biggest fan.

Where is Hazlo available?

We are available nationwide through our website and at a few select bars and liquor stores in the Denver area. We will be adding a "Where can you find us" store locater soon!

Do you do fun things at Hazlo?

We love to do fun things and to find ways to bring our amazing community together. We will be adding an events calendar to the website soon so you can see when and where we will be hanging out!

Can I be a brand ambassador for Hazlo?

We are constantly looking for people to share their love of the brand with their friends, family, and followers. Please DM us on Instagram or contact us through our website and we can see if it's a good fit for both of us!