Your Questions, Answered

What is hazlo?

Hazlo is a brand that specializes in making healthy and delicious products that help you, feel more like you.

What does hazlo mean?

Hazlo [ahz-low] is a Spanish word meaning "do it". It's the word that inspired our founder to pursue this business and has come to represent that new kind of liquid courage.

How should I enjoy it?

We believe that everyone has their preferences and should embrace them unapologetically. That said, we have our favorites so feel free to check out our recipes page for inspiration!

Is hazlo non-alcoholic?

Our products contain no alcohol. They are designed to be enjoyed on their own at any time of day. They also have been known for helping you feel better if you drank more than just hazlo last night..

Where is it available?

We are available nationwide through our website and at a few select bars, liquor stores and restaurants in the Denver area. We will be adding a "Where can you find us" store locater soon. Stay tuned!

Can I drink hazlo if breastfeeding, pregnant or taking medication?

We are mindful that certain ingredients may not be suitable for every phase of your life. We advise checking with your doctor before consuming if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, looking to conceive, taking medication, or have a medical condition.

Can I be a brand ambassador?

We are constantly looking for people to share their love of the brand with their friends, family, and followers. Please check out our partner & ambassador program page and reach out if you think you're a good fit!